Justin McLaughlin at 2015-10-28 19:29:18:
Hey Scott, So I agree and do believe our characters exist in the story universe, and that a lot can be garnished from seeking the story they want to tell versus the one we want to tell. My only question is how to I go about doing this? Like do you have some exercises or things I can do to spend time with my characters? Whenever I try I feel like I'm sitting with myself and my mind. Anyway, and response is appreciated. Thanks!
Scott at 2015-10-28 22:20:29:
Justin, I hear you. I've worked with a lot of writers in my Prep: From Concept to Outline workshop in which we do tons of character development exercises. I'll try to do a Reader Question response on the subject, but I find a combination of indirect and direct engagements to work: Indirect: Biography, Questionnaire. Direct: Interview, Monologue, Character Sit Down. All I can tell you is the writers I work with in my Prep workshop, even those who swear they can't get characters to 'speak' to them, when they do these exercises combined with brainstorming and character archetype work... They get it. But it all starts with the belief that your story's characters exist... and they want you to tell their story.
Justin McLaughlin at 2015-10-28 22:34:02:
Thanks Scott, that does help some. I recently did a monologue exercise in my screenwriting class and I can see how that would create some insight with my characters. You know I do believe they exist--something I've been more intentional about this in reading these posts--so I will give these 'direct' exercises a shot. Thanks again man. Keep doing what you do. #ZD30! P.S. Reader Q&A would be awesome!
Alan Mehanna at 2015-10-28 23:56:55:
Scott, Absolutely agree! I am a Screenwriting teacher in Lebanon, and I struggle with my students to get them to think that though it may be fiction, the idea of 'creation' and bringing their characters to life is something my students just can't seem to grasp easily. But your advice is solid. Can't wait to start #ZD30SCRIPT
nassimabassi at 2015-10-29 02:48:21:
Hi from Morocco! i'm always struggling with the writing process, love & hate the thing. I'll try this "zero draft thirty" challenge, and it would be interesting to know the writing habits & rituals of each. I used to rise up at 4am or 5am to write and it worked for me unless i had a late night sleep. I stopped doing that and my writing suffered so i'm thinking about going back the early riser ritual for this challenge.
Scott at 2015-10-29 03:05:02:
Don't think, nassimabassi. Do! Just commit to it and jump in, see where this adventure takes you. I literally have every reason in the world NOT to be writing this script in November, my work schedule and personal calendar is ridiculously full. However I just said, what the hell, go for it. So join us. You'll make progress on your story and make connections with a wide circle of other writers. Onward!
ricardo varma at 2015-10-29 17:30:53:
It is an awesome way to think about characters, I will apply it to my characters and start a dialogue with them. Haven't done this before. Wonder what will happen.