Go Into The Story | Great Character: Phyllis Dietrichson ("Double Indemnity")

Romona Robinson says:
2012-05-11 11:16:44

This is one of my favorite films. In my opinion, if an aspiring writer wants a great lesson in subtext, this film is it.
Scott says:
2012-05-11 21:28:43

Romona, it's interesting that a lot of movies in that era actually benefited from the restrictive Hayes Code by forcing writers to use subtext when it came to things like sex.
Teddy Pasternak says:
2012-05-11 11:59:47

I really liked Mädchen Amick as Lena Mathers in Dream Lover, written and directed by Nicholas Kazan.
Scott says:
2012-05-11 21:29:59

What do you think of Lara Flynn Boyle, another "Twin Peaks" alum as a femme fatale?
Teddy Pasternak says:
2012-05-11 23:54:12

Sure, I liked her in The Temp which very few people saw. File that film under "This is what happens when you choose the wrong setting for your story." It's a thriller set at a cookie company and Lara Flynn Boyle plays a temp who starts killing employees.
JasperLamarCrab says:
2012-05-11 13:24:24

My all-time favorite has to be Rita Hayworth in THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI.
Scott says:
2012-05-11 21:31:16

Jasper, did you see that video I posted the other day of Rita Hayworth dancing in various films, cut to "Stayin' Alive"? It's terrific. I had totally forgotten what a great dancer she was. But to your point, "The Lady From Shanghai" is great entertainment.
JasperLamarCrab says:
2012-05-12 14:35:19

Missed it, but I'll check it out!
The Story Spot says:
2012-05-13 13:05:29

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