Amos at 2011-07-21 14:12:20:
1) Everyone should receive some form of credit for directly contributing to a movie. I recall Clooney giving Special Thanks credits to actors whose scenes were cut from Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (class move). Even if writing credits, for good reason, hold specific meaning, I definitely think something like what you said or "additional material by" is fair and appropriate.

2) Have you told the story of using a pseudonym? Could you point us to it or elaborate?
Scott at 2011-07-21 15:43:18:
That's basically my thinking, Amos. Even if writers don't receive final credit, why not recognize their participation in the process? Let's say they it's an original screenplay and they ended up contributing 45%, just short of the 50% threshold. Don't their efforts deserve some official notice?

But even if they contributed only 5%, that's still a contribution to the story.

And frankly, if all their drafts did was explore areas the filmmakers ending up rejecting, there is even value in that.

Re my pseudonym: It was my way of taking my name off the project because the movie was so bad. Not saying I'm entirely blameless as to the final result of the movie, but I had the option to use a pseudonym, so I took it.
ZoeTheCat at 2011-07-21 16:42:39:

Will WGA allow you to use multiple credit names as a function of how you feel about the material?

I can imagine taking real credit for any spec scripts or other original works, but using a pseudonym if I ever considered contributing on a commissioned project that I hated, but needed the work.
Teddy Pasternak at 2011-07-21 18:26:42:
Quincy Jones got sole credit as a composer on The Color Purple. After the movie came out there was a dispute about who actually wrote the music and come Oscar time, twelve composers shared the nomination.

Of course, Quincy Jones was one of the producers on the film so he set the rules. He received a nomination for a Golden Globe, but not the other guys.

There's a funny story about Spielberg and Jones and The Color Purple. This is from IMDb trivia:

Before production, Steven Spielberg felt very insecure about being director of the film. In fact, his initial response to Quincy Jones' request was no. Spielberg felt that his knowledge of the deep South was inadequate and that the film should've been directed by someone of color, who could've at least related to the struggles faced by many blacks living in the old south. Quincy Jones then argued, "No, I want you to do it. And besides, did you have to be an alien to direct ET?" Spielberg appreciated his friend's logic and decided to take the role as director of the film.
Scott at 2011-07-21 18:56:13:
@ZoeTheCat: You can use whatever pseudonym you want. However if it's a big deal to you, you should have your lawyer revise the boilerplate language of the contract. As it is, when the budget of a movie reaches some level, and it's not very high, the writer loses their right to arbitrarily use a pseudonym. Not sure why this is the case, just know that when I explored it re another movie of mine which will remain nameless but it rhymes with Projan Whore, I was informed I could not remove my name.

BTW script doctors almost never seek film credit. They are hired guns, make big bucks, and move on. Much of the time they probably wouldn't change the script enough to warrant credit anyhow, but if you do that type of thing, you're satisfied with the money and the fact that people in the know are aware of your contribution.
ZoeTheCat at 2011-07-21 19:23:27:
@Teddy Pasternak

That is very interesting about. I suppose the DGA has seen every possible bad outcome which is why it is strictly forbidden to have more than one director at any given time (not to mention the too-many- chef's phenomenon).

I've read a great deal of the 2008WGA basic agreement. I'm all about the story, but I went there for article 13 minimums (p52) ;-)

In the above document, there is enough legalese re: credit to make your head spin. I think this is why our host has the extensive disclaimer to all legal questions and advises strongly that you get a 'damn good entertainment lawyer.' It's hard enough to write good. We don't have time for all this litigious chit. But we had better employ someone who understands it.
ZoeTheCat at 2011-07-21 20:29:58:
@Teddy "That is very interesting about The Color Purple"* My Dad called and I sent before final revision.

@Scott I have heard that script doctors make 100k/week. If I had that gig, I'd be okay with the money and take no credit.

"Great work when you can get it."

The movie that I correctly discovered as rhyming with "Projan Whore" does indeed have you credited on Wiki. However, the link to your bio needs to be updated?
Teddy Pasternak at 2011-07-21 20:35:03:
Boy Band Snore...?
Scott at 2011-07-21 20:39:41:
@ZoeTheCat: I've had several people tell me I need to do something on Wikipedia. That's like the last thing on my to do list. Besides I have no clue how that works.
ZoeTheCat at 2011-07-21 20:39:44:
@Teddy LMAO...not an nsync or BSB fan? If not, we have that in common.
Teddy Pasternak at 2011-07-21 20:46:59:
Or is it a biography about this guy?
ZoeTheCat at 2011-07-21 20:54:05:

Sounds more like Abby.....someone......Abby Normal.

I'm almost sure that was the name.
Teddy Pasternak at 2011-07-21 21:04:12:
The bass player from Maniac Spider Trash?
ZoeTheCat at 2011-07-21 21:13:25:
ON THE NOSEY! But slightly different. Actually quite.

BTW: I'm sure you found that by search, because that is some pretty rancid chit - just listened to it on YouTube.

Barkeep - please cut my frient Ted off. Don't worry, I don't think he'll remember in the morning.

G'nite ;-)
Teddy Pasternak at 2011-07-21 21:15:40:
G'nite! Time for another gin & tonic :)