Steve Bedford at 2011-01-13 08:52:52:
Can I just say that readying this post lifted a load off my shoulders? I am naturally inclined to be more quiet and contemplative (probably why I'm drawn to writing), so the idea of "selling myself" to hollywood types is quite a turn off. Glad to hear that this disposition could be an asset!
Chris Drzewiecki at 2011-01-13 09:02:35:
Hi Scott,

I have a question I'm sure you have experience with but I am still green in the
business of screenwriting. I have written 2 spec scripts, one an original and
one a designed remake for a popular franchise. I have placed in a few
competitions and was lucky enough to get my work out to a few
managers/producers. My question is that I just recently joined and in their forum they have a massive list of Open
Writing Assignments and after browsing for about an hour one of the loglines I
found really jumped out at me as a project I would love to work on. What would
be the best way to go about attempting this? Should I design a pitch, or try
emailing the production company, maybe design a script outline? I am
unfortunately not represented yet so I have no one capable of arranging a
meeting besides myself. Realistically, are these projects out of my reach or
should I take a stab and hopefully can lead to a paying job?

P.S- Your blog has changed my life for the best, and when I'm feeling
unmotivated a single trip to your site is all I need. Thank you for all your
hard work and I am looking forward to taking a Masterclass once I have room in
the budget.

P.S.S.- The documentary "Overnight" about how Troy Duffy, the Boondock Saints scribe, is a great example of how NOT to act in Hollywood.


Chris Drzewiecki
Trellick Tower at 2011-01-13 10:58:54:
Great advice for life in general! Thanks again!
James at 2011-01-13 14:00:11:
One of the strengths of a writing partnership is exactly this.

I'm terrible "in the room." My partner is awesome. He can tell witty anecdotes and connect with anyone. He's very friendly and outgoing.

Me, on the other hand -- very quiet. Often to the point I come off as standoff-ish. Even when I am genuinely being friendly.

See. Right here. A comment about myself. So much ego on this kid.

I do want to add -- the meetings we've had (OMG, will this kid just shut up about himself already?!) have almost been exclusively about them wanting to meet us. Not the writing.

I've seen this written before on Jane Espenson's blog, if you have the meeting in the first place, it means they like your writing, or at the very least want to do business with you -- on paper. They want to make sure you're not crazy, or gonna be a problem, or someone they can have a beer with (which ironically, some of meetings have literally been just that).

Okay, enough about myself. Such an attention whore.

P.S. I need next week's advice, like yesterday. Lol. Seriously, though. I could use some advice. :)